Tony Brentnall
Regional Sales Manager – South

What does your role involve at Uniglass?

To promote the valuable and unique opportunities offered by the company, creating value for both the customer and Uniglass. Maintain and develop the existing customer base but adding new customers when opportunity arises. Create interest in and sales of the full Uniglass product range, enhancing volumes and mix, whilst remaining profitably competitive.


What do you believe makes Uniglass different?

Uniglass is uniquely different because it’s wholly independent and maintains a policy of not competing with its customers. Furthermore, not being aligned to any particular manufacturer means Uniglass  chooses from who they purchase, according to cost, availability and quality. Uniglass is a “one stop shop” giving all customers opportunity to purchase smaller volumes of a variety of products, from a variety of manufacturers, thus avoiding either the tying up of either valuable floor space or working capital, with lower demand, slower moving products.


What was the first record you bought?

A Beatles album from memory but not sure which one they are in a lock up!


If you had a superhero skill, what would it be?

To make the world a safer place.



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